Friday, May 8, 2009

Casting pearls of wisdom before swine

Fickle AG collectors always have a hard-on for the Next Big Doll Thing. Right now it's little miss Rebecca Rubin, circa 1914. Never mind that the doll has nothing more going for her than a nice hat and a New York City Born-and-Bred Superiority Complex. The collectors, they are anticipating her with a zeal that rivals that of the Second Coming of Christ.

Which is delicious irony, considering she is The Jewish Doll and all.

So yeah, yeah, yeah, I've been through it all before. Mark my words, that New Doll Afterglow lasts for about a week after Dollgasm. Come mid-June they'll be jonesing for a new Next Big Doll Thing.

Fickle bitches. Here I am, down with the Swine Flu, and all they can think about is new dolls.

That's right, Swine Flu.

AG Hospital staff say the nose should be back to normal in a week to ten days, but what do they know? Their medical expertise is limited to eyeball suctioning and head replacement. Mostly they spend their days trolling AGPT for doll maintenance tips.

But really, I don't mind the nose, because it gives me more to work with for larger-scale piercings. So long as it is temporary. I'm using my enforced convalescence period to kick back in my ass-kicking slippers...

...tune into my favorite JIGGY NYE TRIBUTE BAND, and catch up on my reading. Since there is a Samantha read-along over at AGPT, I decided to reread the Samantha core books -- only backwards to see if they make more sense that way. When you do that you come across odd phrases like "GrandMary had a permanent vibrator implanted in 1902" and "Agnes and Agatha are spawns of the devil" and "Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun the frumious Bandersnatch."

Makes as much sense as anything else in that series.