Friday, September 19, 2008

Me skanky pirate ranty panties be on now

Ye know what I be sick of? "Why won't me dear ol' mum buy me my twen'y-fourth doll? What can I be doin' teh get 'er to buy me a new doll?"

Great ghost of Blackbeard 'n crew! Because you already be havin' twenty-three dolls, ye spoilt little deckswabber! If'n ye be wanting a new doll, ye best be savin' up yer own money for th' thing! Did me AGPlaythings cap'ns agree teh be buyin me Carpatina Adam when I saw how firm his vinyl is bein? Nay! "Angry Angry Jess," tey be sayin', "ye best be buyin' Adam fer yerself!" So I be savin up all teh money I make lootin' 'til I can be buyin me a new man doll.

Now I don't wanna be hearing any more about it, or ye be walkin' the plank, ye moldy rats!

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yarr! 'Tis soon to be th' best damn'd day o' th' year. I've got me weaponry, artillery, 'n rum by me side. Ye ale-guzzling cowardly slop buckets, ye best tuck into ye own rum 'n leave me stash betides, lest I send Jiggy t' keelhaul yer arses.

T' pox-infested rotten timbered sons of double Dutchmen mods on Playthings, those salt-crusted sea-sick bilge rats, they done turn'd th' message forum piratical once again. Aye, they finally done somethin' right! Yarr!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Angrier than me.

Last week I visited my cousin in Washington.


I forgot how mad he makes me. >(

He's ALWAYS ANGRY and he always has something to say. I can't get a word in edgewise. The entire dinner he ranted about reading intent in documents and how stupid it is or something like that, I don't know. I stopped listening sometime around "blah blah blah Breyer is a moron blah blah de blah constitution pro-life blah blah blah."

And for those who say they can't see the family resemblance, hey, we look more alike than those Carpatina dolls. So bite me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some messages for AG

Dear AG -

I've been holed up at the Playthings offices the last few days trying to deal with my voluminous fan mail. I'm not getting much done. Seems you chose this week to let loose with a volley of new releases. Oh yeah, the phone's been ringing off the hook here and do I ever have some messages for you.

1. First off, Barbie called. She wants her Dream House furniture back.

Seriously, don't mess with that bitch. Hand over the princess phone and no one will get hurt.

2. Mother Nature called. She'd like to know if you'd forgotten how to dress for winter?

Why is this girl wearing long underwear, a sleeveless dress, and marshmallows on her feet? Going out in public in your underwear is every kid's worst nightmare.

Wait, wait wait. Those aren't marshmallows, are they? Damn it, AG, are those bunnies? Did you kill BUNNIES, put bows on their poor sad dead bodies, and stick them on doll feet? You sick bastards. That is scary, creepy, and inappropriate personified.

3. Dora the Explorer called. She'd like to reserve one of these outfits for when she becomes pre-pubescent.

Dream on, Dora. At least you have a monkey to keep you company. Toshi sends his regards.

4. Miley Cyrus called. She wants to know how you got hold of the outfit she was going to wear on her next tour. She's so mad, she's sending Billy Rae after you to break your achey breaky whatever.

The creepy Cyrus family aside, let's talk about this. What, you could only afford half a shirt? You had to tape it to the front of another shirt, like some bum who lives in the basement of his mother's house and wears a fake tuxedo to weddings?

Also, what gives with the stickers on that sign? You think those will last long with kids? You'd best be keeping a major stock of replacement stickers handy for the parents who call in to complain that Precious and Dumpling have run out. Freaking magnetic phobia. Freaking paranoid lawyers.

5. Pocahontas called. Disney Pocahontas, I mean, not the real one. She'd like her woodland creatures back.

Overpriced plushies FAIL. I know that three Webkinz total $48 easily, but they come with online access and a virtual world. Now THAT would be all kinds of awesome: virtual Kaya guts and skins virtual animals; virtual bear chases virtual Kirsten up virtual tree. I'd buy the plushies if they were bundled with that.

6. Mia called. I hung up on her. She called maybe, oh, a dozen more times. She finally left a message wondering if you had any more toilet paper to hang off her performance costume.

7. K*Mart called. They asked if you wanted to buy any more witch costumes, because they can give you a bulk discount.

Ah, I was wondering why that outfit looked so cheap. Also, I know I've seen its like somewhere before. Wait...yeah, here it is:

That's right, it's the dress worn by the Splat Witch, the one people put on trees at Halloween.

Also AG, the seventies called about that outfit to tell you that even they know poly-blend is passé. You want to create with poly-blend? Go, create for Ivy. Poor girl has but one damned dress.

8. That kid who likes to stand outside Borders smoking? The one who wears the cape and eyeliner? Yeah, he called to ask if his girlfriend could borrow Samantha's outfit for the Vampire Masquerade party.

9. Sesame Street called. They're concerned about you offsetting the fine campaign they've got going with Cookie Monster and nutrition. That's right, you just had to give prairie girl Kirsten a heaping pile of cookies, didn't you? It's a sad day when Cookie can't get his groove on by gobbling down some heap o' greasy junk, but Kirsten Larson can stuff her face with this:

10. The NFL called. They'd like their standard issue shoulder pads back.

Poinsettia snowflakes are whacked. Just sayin'.

11. Every baker in America called. That's right, every single one.

They want to inform you that the rolling pin you gave Kit would (1) tear any dough you tried to use it on to shreds as it stuck to the damned thing, and (2) be an absolute bitch to clean.

Patterned rolling pins are meant for icing and fondant, not for cookie dough. Everyone knows that. Okay, not everyone. But you should, AG.

BTW, America's bakers are good people. They are sending me so many cookies. Which, in case you are wondering, I will NOT be sharing with Kirsten. She needs to be in fighting form now that AG has made a bear. No more cookies for her.

12. This last message is actually not for you, AG. It's for Ruthie.

Bitty Baby called. She wants her bib back.