Friday, September 19, 2008

Me skanky pirate ranty panties be on now

Ye know what I be sick of? "Why won't me dear ol' mum buy me my twen'y-fourth doll? What can I be doin' teh get 'er to buy me a new doll?"

Great ghost of Blackbeard 'n crew! Because you already be havin' twenty-three dolls, ye spoilt little deckswabber! If'n ye be wanting a new doll, ye best be savin' up yer own money for th' thing! Did me AGPlaythings cap'ns agree teh be buyin me Carpatina Adam when I saw how firm his vinyl is bein? Nay! "Angry Angry Jess," tey be sayin', "ye best be buyin' Adam fer yerself!" So I be savin up all teh money I make lootin' 'til I can be buyin me a new man doll.

Now I don't wanna be hearing any more about it, or ye be walkin' the plank, ye moldy rats!

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