Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My List

Yes, it is. All the Playthings mods are on it (especially that one who posts pictures of her dog's butt as festive holiday photos. Something is seriously wrong with her).

So yeah, you'd best be careful lest you, too, land on my List. Use spellcheck and your grammar and punctuation guides. Also, you over there? Do NOT send me messages telling me to drink prune juice and cheer up. There's a very special place on my List for the likes of you.

Of course, Sonali, Chrissa, and Gwen are on my List. I am working on more songs for them, but I have so much to do right now that I can't keep up. I desperately need that manservant from my wishlist, people.

Anyway, for starts, I have this:

Sonali got run over by a llama
As she was swimming home on Christmas Eve.
You can say there aren't homicidal llamas,
But as for Chrissa and Gwen, they do believe.

Feel free to add on. But damn it, spell Sonali right.

I need to finish and mail my holiday cards now. They were particularly festive this year, featuring a romantic photo of me, Jiggy, David, Adam, and my pet Godzilla all posed in front of the fireplace under a portrait of cousin Antonin. You only wish you were special enough to get one. Maybe next year.

If you stay off of my List.

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