Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cutewrights: Revenge of the C Word

Oh, but aren't you AGPT people addicted to your cute? My, my, my.

Look, if I'd replaced the damned word with something equally banal, no one would have noticed and my efforts to expand vocabularic horizons would be pointless.

I don't do pointless.

So yeah, 'scrumptious' got your attention. Boo-frickin-hoo all you want, but my War on Cute will continue all this week. You'll be the better for it when we're done, trust me.

Oh, and YOU? Stop sending me PMs whining about how mean you think I am. Yeah, I'm mean. I'm also scary, creepy, and inappropriate. Get over it.

Now leave me be. I'm deep into reviewing my Michael Jackson discography and do not wish to be disturbed with further 'cute' withdrawal during my mourning period.


  1. Jesus loves you!!!

  2. Of course he does. He'd be a fool not to be a fan of mine.