Monday, November 9, 2009

What Really Goes on in the Archives

All you whiners who said that poor dear Samantha and Nellie and Kirsten would die of boredom in the cruel, cruel AG archives? Yeah, suck it.

Because from what I can tell from the olde eBay photo gallery, your Sammy-kins is just beginning to get her groove on.


Losing inhibitions is a good thing. Samantha's damned proud of being an American Girl these days.

Princess never looked better. Love the tat.

Lay lady, lay, lay across your big brass bed. Just don't lay on the pizza, party girl. Also, that is totally a vibrator between her legs.

Ah, but sometimes a doll can go too far:

Surgery is indicated here, but hey, that also means she gets to score some kick-ass drugs. By the way, while I am not responsible for the navel and nips action in the above photo, my Campaign for Anatomical Correctness takes the credit. Navel and nips FTW.

Yeah, you people only wish you were archived.

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