Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toilet Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl, feh, whatever. I think they should pit the two worst teams in the league against one another in an extravaganza called the Toilet Bowl. Mariah Carey could be the halftime entertainment. Seriously, don't talk to me about Mariah Carey. She needs to crawl out of the whistle register, put some damned clothes on and drop the diva act. Also, some kind soul needs to deflate her before she floats into the air for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's signature balloon of 2009. I'll grant you that Miss Glitterthing can sing, but FFS her picture is right next to the definition of "over-exposed" in the dictionary. Go away, Mariah Carey, go away. You are scary, creepy, and inappropriate.

Well, the January Word Challenge is over because it's now February, in case you haven't noticed. But of course YOU noticed, because YOU have been stalking the AG website looking for new monthly deals, haven't you? Yeah, well, good luck with that. Get a life and stop being so greedy.

Amending this entry to commend AGPT member jabberwockypie for using all five January Word Challenge choices correctly in her posts. PT member Freaktm came close, but she used "bane" instead of "banal" and of course, that has a different meaning.

The following members managed to use four of the words correctly in their posts: operaghost and freaktm. Member chynatgr worked in two words, while kimpa, mrsmac, and tinkertee each managed to squeeze out one word. I can't decide if I should award a can of llama beans to the high scorers or the low scorers. Well, consider yourselves privileged to get mentioned in my blog. If I missed your efforts, PM me with a link over on Playthings and I'll amend this post to include you. (Don't you correct me publicly; that is never, ever wise).

Here are your February Word Challenges:

Previous rules apply.

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