Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Playthings mods had a group photo taken for their holiday card but they 'forgot' to tell me about it. So that's why I'm not in it, in case you were wondering.

Oh excuse me...what's that you say, you can't log onto Playthings? Yeah, that's because revenge is a dish best served by tattooed vinyl goddesses. The mods shut down the forum for maintenance to undo the damage I did after they invoked my wrath by excluding me from the photo.

They never seem to learn not to mess with me.

Anyway, once they get things figured out and the forum is enabled back online, you can start playing AG Collector Bingo. Your card is HERE. When you get a bingo, make a post in whatever thread you're in; the post should read BINGO. That's it, nothing else. Just write BINGO. It will confuse the hell out of the fools who don't bother to read my blog.


  1. Angry Jess.
    I am very angry today!! I am addicted to the Playthings board and you took it down!! Are you ever going to learn that revenge is bad and that people are not guilty for what happens to you?
    Put up that website now. There's an army of people that wants to be able to log in!!

  2. AJ,
    I've been meaning to ask how did you get those eyebrows?