Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Real Scoop on GOTY 2010 Lanie Holland

Those towels? Yeah, they're for you people to clean the hell up after yourselves as a result of yesterday's wankfest on Playthings over alleged Lanie cover art. I'm not touching that hot mess.

Seriously people, you're collectively delusional if you thought I would let any other GOTY have the kick-ass weaponry and accessories that AG was creating, as described in my recent blog entry. Oh hell noes! I kicked that doll and her treasure trove to the ground...and that's why you're left with Barbie in a polo shirt.

But hey, all is not lost. You people are so wound up, you can't see past the color of her face to the very best part.

What? Can't quite make it out? So here:

Yeah, Lanie 'Holland.'

Because it's totes legal there.


  1. I like lanie hollandand I'm going to get her!!! don't be mean!

  2. Lmao!!! Hahahaaa! Your totally hilarious! Barbie and her drugs...x]