Monday, December 6, 2010

Source of AG Delivery Problems Revealed

People, you keep complaining about how it's been taking AG too long to fulfill your orders. Yeah, well, cry me a river because apparently you'd rather complain than get to the bottom of the delays.

Leave it to AJ, you say. Yeah, well, here's what I found out: according to this website illustration, AG has outsourced its delivery contracts to Rat Post:

That's right, rats are in charge of delivering your AG goods. And if you think the vermin are going to honestly apprise you as to when to expect your AG swag? Yeah, think again. They're trying on your doll clothes and pawing through your books. Also, note that the rat has a navel. Good thing, because it would violate the Vermin Union contract to have navel-less rats delivering parcels.

Whatever. I always said AG was run by rat bastards.

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