Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Word Challenge

OMG, you people. I did not forget the monthly word challenge. I simply chose to ignore it in favor of launching the Campaign for Anatomical Correctness. I have my priorities.

I do applaud your enthusiasm in wishing to continue this exercise in vocabularic** expansion. Here are February's winners:

Playthings members Kimpa and Chynatgr rocked the Challenge by correctly using all five words (cockamamie, intestate, obfuscate, succor, and titter for those of you with short memories). Kudos; your llama bean casseroles are being Fed-Exed. Tinkertee hit two Challenge words correctly but fell short of a third by using cockamamie as a noun. Lastly, member Jacksonvol made a respectable first time appearance in the Challenge with the correct usage of intestate. If I missed your entry, PM me on Playthings so I can amend this accordingly.

Your March/April Challenge Words are:


That's right, six words for this next round. Rock it out.

** Technically 'vocabularic' is not an officially recognized word. But it should be, and I can argue its legitimacy should I be forced to do so, with weaponry to persuade the doubters.

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