Thursday, January 1, 2009

Llamas llamas everywhere, and not a bite to eat

I deeply regret that the information about llamas tasting like chicken has been disseminated on Playthings. If people find out that llamas are such good eats, the price of my llama on rye with a side of slaw is going to go up. I will not be pleased if that happens, and I will come steal your lunch money to make up the difference.

It's true, though. Llamas taste like chicken. Might as well admit it.

But llamas are apparently Da Bomb, the Next Big Thing, the new black. Who knew AG was onto something? Most days, they are merely on something. However, they are too full of themselves: I was sent this badly cropped stolen graphic from an anonymous source with an American Girl IP address.

Yeah, right. AJ obeys no llamas. Get real. Also, learn to post photos before trying to intimidate me. I scoff at your skillz.

I did receive a herd of plushie llamas from AG that I intend to keep. Jiggy said it was a peace offering but I know better; AG wants to weasel out of paying my Chrissa consulting fee and thinks the llamas will suffice. Like hell, AG.

I am going to name my herd thusly: Dolly Llama; Rama-Llama-Ding-Dong (we call him Dong for short); Osama bin Llama; Yo-Yo Llama (he plays cello, natch); and in loving tribute to the late great, Fernando Llamas (because he looks marvelous, baby).

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