Saturday, September 19, 2009

The most wonderful day of the year

Arr, me hearties, it be Talk like a Pirate Day once again. Note that it also be Rosh Hashanah, so yeah, Shanah tovah to yon Jewish mates. Ye lot can feel free to sprinkle some derogatory Yiddish terms in with yer pirate-speak, savvy?

Listen up, ye, I don't give a flying Dutchman if it is politically incorrect to glorify piracy. Cut me an effin' break and pluck that oar out of yer asses. This be for fun, not glorification. I know bloody well that pirates didn't swash around like Errol Flynn or swish around like me pal Johnny Depp's Cap'n Jack Sparrow. And me bein' the international woman of reknown that I am, you can rest assured that I know far more than you do about the lack of a functioning central government that has pushed the Somalian pirates to lawlessness. So do not presume to fill my message box with yer triflin' lectures, ye lice-infested bilious mothers o'spitless llamas.

There now. Off for some mo' grog, rum, and whate'er else I can guzzle. Carry on.

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