Monday, September 28, 2009

What Should Really Happen to Stupid Questions on Ask a Stupid Question Day

On a day like this, when I've been shut up in the Playthings offices answering stupid question upon stupid question, it's nice to know that there are such talented assholes in the world. CLICK LINK

Yeah, that was for you, all you people with your stupid questions. If that dude could catch your queries, he'd have my undying gratitude.

Oh by the way, here are a few that the Playthings mods (speaking of assholes) said I couldn't post on their forum.

Q: Why are my pincurls SO hard? Felicity
A: Viagra.

Q: Why did I not come with pincurls? Elizabeth
A: Because your boyfriend needs to work on his technique.

Q: Can I give you a make over? Nicki
A: This is an exceedingly stupid question to ask because it will not only result in the creation of several anatomically correct orifices on your muslin body, but the plugging-up of said orifices with, well, ask Richard Gere. I'd include a visual but even I can't submit the Banff Squirrel to such torture.

Q: What is the ratio of dogs playing the fiddle to cows jumping over the moon?
A: I am not one to contemplate the ratios of masturbating dogs to anything. But hey, I'm not judging. Whatever floats your boat.

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