Monday, August 4, 2008

And another thing that pisses me off...

Every once in a while something flies up the collective collector ass and people start pointing fingers and saying "Yeah, Jess? Worst selling LE in AG history." I reach new levels of homicidality when they go there.

Diss my book will you? Listen. I, Jess, had the most kick-ass adventure of any LE doll. Dancing, ice skating, horsie riding, surfing and whatever the HELL it is that Lindsey does for fun? Lame. Idiotic. All of it, pathetic. (Well, okay, in the right position, horse riding can do in a pinch since my fingers are welded together).

Now, Toshi is cool and my backpack is brilliant. And I'll thank the haters to stop hating on my Meet outfit. I can rock some orange and pink tie-dye when I've a mind to. People only wish they could fill out my halter top.

But AG, you assholes, where's my pistol, ammo, and dart gun for shooting coatimundi for lunch? Good eats! And how about a little metal cup for drinking pulque? Forget the damned chintzy inflatable kayak; everyone knows you need balsa wood rafts to do some serious exploration of the rainforest rivers. And while I'm on the subject, AJ doesn't need pajamas, thanks for asking. Although imitation being a form of flattery, I'm told I should be pleased that they copied my pajamas for Mia. Whatever, tell me something else. Guess AG never figured a HAT might be a necessity in the RAINFOREST, and some damned long pants, camo being my preference. I had to supply my own bandana, FFS! AG couldn't even cough up a freaking flashlight and some dental floss, the idiots.

I hate them.

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