Friday, August 29, 2008

I am offering to help

That's right. I don't offer to help anyone much. But today, I am moved. You see, actor David Duchovny announced that he has entered rehab for sexual addiction. Apparently he wore out his poor wife, Teabag Leoni. I want it known that I, Angry Jess, am willing to do my utmost to help poor David through this crisis. Whatever it takes. Jiggy wants to help, too. Whatever, I don't judge.

We're going to invite David over for tea and a swim, and take it from there.


  1. Heavens me, I am so concerned about this poor lost soul. I would like to help too. What do you have in mind? Should we send a fruit basket?

  2. That's a start. Maybe some reading material, too.

  3. Reading material? Something tells me you aren't talking about the latest AG catalogue.

    (Though I bet it would hold his interest...I hear that new #30 looks pretty hot (and vaguely familiar)...)

  4. Her hair's not as nice as mine, but I admire her taste in face molds.